Call for Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) Posters and Demonstrations: IEEE CARS Symposium

Call For Posters

The IEEE Cyber Awareness Research Symposium (CARS) is thrilled to extend an invitation for submissions to the student poster session and the newly introduced CyberPhysical Systems (CPS) Demonstration Competition. This event is a cornerstone for showcasing pioneering research, stateoftheart technologies, and innovative demonstrations in the field of CPS. We seek submissions that underline significant advancements, methodologies, and applications within the CPS landscape.

CPS Poster Themes:

• Security and Privacy in CPS
• AI and Machine Learning for CPS

• Healthcare Applications

• Automotive Systems

• Energy Systems


Smart Cities
Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

 Environmental Monitoring

 System Resilience and          Fault Tolerance

 HumanCentric CPS

Submission Guidelines:


Abstract Submission: A 300word abstract detailing the research focus, methodology, results, and significance.

Poster Format: 36inches x 48inches, portrait. Your poster should effectively communicate your research to a multidisciplinary audience.
Submission: Email your poster as a PDF to [email protected].


Description: A detailed explanation of the demo, including objectives, technology used,interaction with the physical world, and significance.

Video Submission: A maximum of 5minute video showcasing the CPS functionality and its application.                                                          

Requirements: Demonstrations should involve a CPS interacting with the physical world. Recorded demos must include a realworld interaction component.

Comprehensive Rubric for Evaluation:

The evaluation of both posters and demonstrations will be based on the following criteria:

  • Originality and Innovation: Novelty of the concept or application (20%)
  • Technical Depth: Complexity and sophistication of the solution (20%)
  • Relevance and Impact: Significance to the CPS field and potential societal impact (20%)
  • Clarity and Presentation: Effectiveness in communicating the work (20%)
  • Integration and Application: Practicality and realworld applicability (20%)

Additional considerations for posters include visual design and content coverage.
Demonstrations will be further evaluated on functionality, innovation in interaction, and execution.

Awards and Recognition

The symposium will recognize outstanding contributions with awards for innovation, research quality, and presentation excellence. Awards will be given for both the poster session and the demonstration competition.

Important Dates

July 15
 Submission Deadline

August 15, 2024
Notification of Acceptance

September 15, 2024
Final Submission


Founding Chair
Dr. Prakash Ranganathan