IEEE Conference Awards

Paper Awards

Best Overall Paper Award

 Prize: $1000
 This award recognizes the paper that demonstrates exceptional quality in research, innovation, and impact across all areas of the conference theme. The winning paper stands out for its clarity, significance, and potential to advance the cyber field.

Best Technical Contribution Paper Award

 Prize: $750
This award acknowledges the paper that presents the most outstanding technical contribution to the field. It recognizes the depth of analysis, methodology, and technical innovation demonstrated in solving a specific problem or advancing a particular aspect of the cyber security domain.

Best Student Paper Award

 Prize: $500
 This award celebrates the excellence of a paper authored primarily by a student. It recognizes the student’s significant contribution to research, including originality, methodology, and potential impact on the cyber field.

Poster Awards

Best Overall Poster Award

 Prize: $1000
This award honors the poster that effectively communicates research findings, significance, and potential impact. It recognizes clarity of presentation, visual appeal, and the ability to engage and inform conference attendees.

Best Visual Design Poster Award

 Prize: $750
This award acknowledges the poster that demonstrates outstanding visual design, including graphics, layout, and overall aesthetics. It recognizes creativity and innovation in presenting research content in a visually compelling manner.

Best Student Poster Award

 Prize: $500
This award celebrates the excellence of a poster presented primarily by a student. It recognizes the student’s ability to effectively communicate research findings, methodology, and significance through a poster format.